Caca Machine Industry was established in 1974 in Ankara as Limited Company. In first years it operated especially in heating, cooling and ventilating business and had a role in finalizing many projects in Turkey.

During this time, in 1975 it establihed a factory in Ankara to produce heating boilers, steam boilers, hot oil boilers, steam generators, economisers, high pressure vessels, fuel tanks, accumulation tanks, buffer tanks, degasors, balance tanks, sand fitler tanks, autoclave tanks, cemend storage tanks, and etc.

In following years also completed commitments related to fabrication of steel structure, fabrication of belt conveyors, pressure pipes and fittings, high capacity chimney fans of power plants, high pressurised heat exchangers. Also contracts related to fabrication and installation of heat centers, asphalt bitumen storage systems, underground belt conveyors for mining industry, fuel distribution and storage systems are finalized with success.

In 2005, under same ownership Mad Construction Co. Ltd. is established and still operates for turnkey projects and/or as subcontractor.

Mad Construction is looking future confidently with its abroad experience and Caca Machine’s successful Turkey projects.


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